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Username Post: Carl Schlieper "German Eye" date ID        (Topic#869434)
Journeyman KnifeNut!
01-17-10 15:18.13 - Post#2034415    

Whats the best way to date these knives?

From my understanding...

-Two eyes etched on blade are older than one eye etched on blade.

-Plain badge-shaped shields are probably the oldest. Badge-shaped Logo shields with the Eye (over) SOLINGEN are next. Then comes the round Logo shield.

-Round shields are seldom older knives. Eyes in yellow boxes are never old, assuming the yellow box is original to the knife.

When it comes to tang stamps Im not really sure but these are the varieties Ive seen:

-CarlSchlieper(over)Solin gen(over)Germany. All in a straight line, which I think is the oldest.

-Eye Logo(over)Germany. The next oldest.

-C.Schlieper arched (over)Eye Logo(over)SOLINGEN(over)G ermany. The most recent.

What Id like to know is what range of years were each tang stamp and shield varieties used? Is there anything Im missing? Any other things to look at when dating a Eye Brand knife?

Thanks for any help in advance.

01-26-10 07:25.48 - Post#2041849    

    In response to bichettereds

I've been wondering the same thing, and Ray Roe of Sweetwater Knives over on AAPK was kind enough to help clarify things somewhat. Between his explanation and the article in Knife World, I have a much better understanding. Below is directly from his post.
Good Luck!

It is very frustrating trying to date Eye Brands. Neither Goins nor Levine is any help.
The only accurate info I have found is an article authored by Joe Dobbs and it appeared in Knife World in August, 1983 and again in the Best of Knife World, 1993. It obviously does nothing on the newer Eyes but it does have good info on the older ones.
It kinda boils down to a combination of stamps and shields.
The straight line stamp is the oldest and most desirable. It was used up through 1965, though not exclusively. It shared time with the logo stamp with C. SCHLIEPER around the curved upper part of the Eye logo and this one was used into the early 1970s.
Then, in the mid to late 1970s until 1981 they used the Eye Logo (over) GERMANY. There is a gap there I cannot explain.
In 1981, they returned to the C. SCHLIEPER (over) the Eye Logo.
As to the shields, the earliest was a plain badge-type or federal. I have to admit, I am not sure of the difference in the two, if there is any.
In the early 1970s, they went to the logo (over) SOLINGEN. Clarence Risner told me that the round shield came into use in the late 1980s. I emailed James Marek, a jobber for the Cruse family who controlled all Eye Brand distribution at the time with this same question. The reply follows: From James Marek, a jobber for Cruse during the early days who keeps records on everything: The round shield was first introduced in November, 1983 on the #815 pattern (4 1/4", large spear, gut hook, saw and corkscrew on back). All stag patterns began having the round shield in January, 1984, except Baby Lima DSL. Glad to help. James
What this all goes to show is that aging Eye Brands is a perilous or maybe tricky proposition. These all overlap to accomodate existing supplies and it is not a specific process.
I did not intend to get so wound up but it hard to get it out in a few words.


One thing I failed to mention is that pattern numbers on the tang stamps first appeared in 1979.

Journeyman KnifeNut!
01-26-10 11:08.11 - Post#2042071    

    In response to keithw

wow. thanks for the info.

funny.. the info that I obtained shown in the original post all came from Ray as well.

Ive been unable to find that issue of Knife World or the book though.
01-27-10 02:26.38 - Post#2042677    

    In response to bichettereds

You could contact Knife World and see if they had another copy.
I got their # via the Internet and called them.
I ordered a subscription and asked about the Feb 1990 issue and they had it.
I think they charged around $5 for it.
The article is Carl Schlieper Cutlery by Joe Dobbs.
I would offer to try to scan it for you, but the print is pretty fuzzy, plus it is one of those articles that is broken up over quite a few pages (continued on page x, continued on page y, etc.).
It goes along pretty well with Ray's info.

Good Luck,

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