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    Username Post: Blackjack Model 1-7 Gallery        (Topic#829560)
    Master Member KnifeNut!
    08-14-08 08:23.04 - Post#1604975    

    Blackjack Model 1-7 Gallery 2008

    The Blackjack Model 1-7 has been the Backbone of the Blackjack Knives "Classic Series" since it's introduction in the late 1980s.

    The Classic Design of this Utility/Fighter has been considered one of the most sought after and useful Patterns for Decades.

    Here is the 2008 Model.

    Click to Enlarge

    You will note that the 2008 versions are sleeker in the blade and handle than the past versions made between 1997 and 2008.

    There has also been a Steel change to A-2 Tool Steel at 58 Rockwell C.

    All of these Blades have been Triple Tempered--Cryogenically Treated and are Shank Drawn for maximum Toughness.

    Each 2008 Blackjack Model 1-7 is supplied with the New Sharpshooter Sheath Systems 100% U.S. made Leather Sheath.

    Click to Enlarge

    We feel that these are a very noticeable improvement over past sheaths.

    The Blackjack Knives Model 1-7 is fast in the hand and razor sharp. It will be a Welcome Addition to Your Field Kit.


    Overall Length: 12 inches
    Blade Length: 7 Inches
    Steel: A-2 Tool steel @ 58rc
    Blade Thickness: .215 Inch
    Weight: 9.775 Ounces

    Here are the handle Selection on this 2008 Production Run.

    • Quote:
    Please remember that you can click on any of these pictures to see the larger image

    Standard Handles

    Stacked Leather Handle with Pommel

    Black Linen Micarta with Pommel

    Black Linen Micarta Saber Handle

    Antique Ivory Micarta with Pommel

    Antique Ivory Micarta Saber Handle

    Sambar Stag with Pommel

    Sambar Stag Crown

    The Following Handles are Options that were Special Ordered

    Stacked Leather with Vintage Spacer Stacks

    Natural Canvas Micarta with Pommel

    Tigerstripe Black & Orange Micarta with Pommel

    Black & Green Linen Micarta with Pommel

    Black & Red Linen Micarta with Pommel

    Maroon Linen Micarta with White Spacer Stripe and Pommel

    Antique Ivory Micarta with Turquoise spacer and Pommel

    Red Linen Micarta with White Spacer and Pommel

    Blaze Orange G-10 with Pommel

    French Bastone Walnut with Pommel

    Crosscut Black Palm with Pommel

    Black Ash Burl with Pommel

    Amboynia Burl with Pommel

    Amboynia Burl with Turquoise Spacer and Pommel

    Emerald Elder Burl with Pommel

    Scarlet & Black Elder Burl with Pommel

    Hunter Orange Elder Burl with Pommel

    Brown & Black Elder Burl with Pommel

    Brown Elder Burl with Orange Spiny Stone Spacer and Pommel

    California Buckeye Burl with Pommel

    Desert Ironwood Burl with Pommel

    Desert Ironwood Burl with Turquoise Spacer and Pommel

    Desert Ironwood Burl with 2 Turquoise Spacers and Pommel

    We will be making more of these as needed and making the other models.

    All of these are in the hands of your dealers.

    The Special order handles on this Run have all been ordered by Derrick & Wendy of

    You will have to Check with Your Dealer for Prices.

    I just Make Em'

    Remember that all of the Knives of the Classic Series are 100% U.S. Made.



    • Quote:
    Please remember that you can click on any of these pictures to see the larger image

    BRKCA MIKE #01
    NJKCA #041

    "I Am America"

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    RIP Chris + 1


    Master Member KnifeNut!
    08-14-08 13:10.15 - Post#1605224    

        In response to MikeStewart

    I still have to add the Sambar Stag with Pommel.

    As soon as I finish them It will appear in the Gallery.

    BRKCA MIKE #01
    NJKCA #041

    "I Am America"

    Bark River Facebook Group - Join Today

    RIP Chris + 1

    valhalla ss
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    08-14-08 13:26.29 - Post#1605235    

        In response to MikeStewart

    I have been avoiding these 1-7 threads. I swore I would be satisfied simply accumulating one of each of the Effingham variants, telling myself that they were the original line and thus somehow better. I made the foolish mistake of clicking on this tread and now I am screwed. God I'm weak I don't have any self control when it comes to 1-7's made under the direction of Mr. Stewart. I have walked by several Randall 1-7's that I had the money in my pocket for at the time at gun shows, but there's just something about the Blackjacks (Effingham and the new MI made ones) that I just can't say no to. Maybe I would be better off offering Mike a sum of money to just stop building 1-7's??? I know I have a problem but really don't want any help for it!!!
    All Hail George Brinkley! for destroying a 100 year old tradition of quality knifemaking, quite a legacy.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    08-14-08 13:37.21 - Post#1605238    

        In response to valhalla ss

    Great knives! The stacked leather handle version is just classic! But it was the A2 (along with an encounter with a bear on a trail) that tipped me over the edge - now I can tell you that it is every bit as good in the hand, in fact, better, as it is in the photos!

    Good job, Mike and crew, including Reid and the SSSS crew!

    Be careful - It's sharp!

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    08-14-08 14:44.09 - Post#1605295    

        In response to Grampa

    These look great,
    I never thought I would see all these handle choices on a Blackjack knife.

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    08-15-08 08:47.53 - Post#1605948    

        In response to MikeStewart

    Were aall the burl woods preordered from Derrick?
    They are n.ot on his site
    08-15-08 10:40.03 - Post#1606066    

        In response to Beawolf

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    08-16-08 06:46.07 - Post#1606711    

        In response to OKBohn

    Thanks Derrick,
    That Buckeye has me drooling but low funds prevent me from getting it. Ihope somebody takes it before I have to borrow. Lookout for Judy!
    Member KnifeNut!
    08-24-08 02:20.33 - Post#1613813    

        In response to MikeStewart

    Mike, your 1-7 this looks fantastic.

    I have a question:

    Concerning a 1-7 with micarta handle there are two options:
    1. a micarta handle with a pommel,
    2. a micarta sabre handle.

    Is the knife with pommel stronger. more sturdy (because a sticky tang is fixed thru pommel with a screw?). How is a sabre handle fixed to the tang?

    I would appreciate an answer very much because I have to decide which one to order.


    ]My islands

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    08-24-08 02:26.46 - Post#1613819    

        In response to FrancoG

    I don't think it makes any Difference.

    After making about 100,000 of these and never having a Blind Tang handle Come off--I would say that there is no Difference is Toughness.

    The Epoxy we use is very permanent.

    BRKCA MIKE #01
    NJKCA #041

    "I Am America"

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    RIP Chris + 1

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    09-04-08 05:27.35 - Post#1623070    

        In response to MikeStewart

    I just added another one.

    Sambar Stag with Pommel

    Click to Enlarge

    There are only 80 of these so if You want one you are going to have to move on it.


    BRKCA MIKE #01
    NJKCA #041

    "I Am America"

    Bark River Facebook Group - Join Today

    RIP Chris + 1

    Master Member KnifeNut!
    09-06-08 05:46.31 - Post#1624958    

        In response to MikeStewart

    Yeah, that's pretty much gorgeous.
    BRKCA MIKE1196


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