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    Username Post: Removing Ka-bar Pommel & leather washers        (Topic#701831)
    07-12-05 07:18.40 - Post#701831    

    Can anyone provide me with the correct way to remove the pommel of a Ka-bar to replace damaged leather washers?

    I've performed a search but have not had any success.
    Thanks in advance.

    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    07-12-05 08:30.58 - Post#701890    

        In response to Cord_Nipper

    Is the pommel screwed on, pinned on, or peened on? There are several different methods of attachment. With that said, I've torn apart a few old MK 2s, and other than the original screw on pommels its difficult to get them apart and back together again, especially the pinned pommels.

    07-12-05 08:40.43 - Post#701900    

        In response to Nuke41

    I'm guessing it's peened. I'm not much very knowledgeable when it comes to these things. I will try to post a photo later.
    Again, many thanks.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    07-13-05 06:31.24 - Post#702877    

        In response to Cord_Nipper

    I replaced a badly damaged handle once by making a two piece wooden grip and then using screws to secure it to the tang, since it was a pinned pommel and if anyone can figure out how to get one of those off without wrecking it I'd love to know how. If its peened on you could grind enough of the metal off to get the pommel off (dremel tool would do it), then remove the washers, although be prepared, those are difficult to get off, and the tangs are always rusty on the inside, no matter how good the knife looks from the outside. I'd suggest removing the pommel, then replacing the leather washers if possible, then slightly shorten the tang if needed, then weld or peen the pommel back on. The good thing is the MK 2 has a long handle, so if you need to shorten the tang you still have a decent handle left when done.

    Good luck!
    07-13-05 12:00.52 - Post#703180    

        In response to Nuke41

    Funny you should mention shortening the tang. I actually came to the conclusion that might wind up being the best way to go about it.

    Thanks for the information.
    Journeyman KnifeNut!
    07-13-05 14:34.34 - Post#703357    

        In response to Cord_Nipper

    It haint all that hard to do.
    If its a pinned cap just simply use a smaller punch and knock out the pin.. Then replace the leather stack which you can by from Kbar.. Actually Kbar sells a complete rebuild kit..
    If its a peened cap then you have to very carefully grind of the peened metal. And then use a nice sharp file and file down the cap untill all the peened metal is removed.. The cap then can be knocked off with a soft hammer..

    So how do you put it back together? He He thats a trade held close to the chest of few who actually remove and replace the stacks..
    I just simple put on the rings, then put the whole think in a vice inbetween two pieces of wood and compress the entire thing.. Use a wide jaw Vice grip to hold it together.. then put on the cap and back to the vice and back to the Vice grips.. Duct tape helps hold the leather rings in compression.
    Once you have that part down the only way I have found to peen the cap back on is to use a drift punch. It wont look just like the factory but close enough...
    Use spray paint to match the color if the knife was painted..
    And the rings will have to be hafted to fit your palm

    I have done many and still take orders..
    Kevin Martin
    Chief Instructor USA BANDO & American Knives
    07-14-05 08:52.23 - Post#703943    

        In response to darkrain

    Thanks, I'll look into the rebuild kit from them.

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